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Introducing iLynn: an innovative, new iPad-powered degree for students with work, family and other obligations. Take classes online, on campus or both, and enjoy all that a private university has to offer at a state university price.

Lynn provides aggressive transfer credit opportunities for students with prior college credit. We want adult transfer students to complete their degrees at Lynn quickly, efficiently and affordably.

If you are a student of the former ITT Technical Institute, call us today at 1-800-888-5966. We can help you finish your degree.

Lynn provides mobile access to rich interactive content. Watch a brief demonstration of how you'll use your iPad to study and take notes.

It's time to finish what you started

Going back to school to complete your degree can seem overwhelming—but not at Lynn. iLynn is perfect for students balancing work, family and other obligations. Take classes online, on campus or both.

Right from the start, you'll find helpful people and a simple approach, including:

  • Accelerated terms
  • Highly individualized experience with academic advising
  • Professional coaching services

Learn more about finishing your degree

Did you put your undergraduate education on hold for work, family or other obligations? Our affordable, flexible and high-quality Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts program makes it easy to finish.

The B.A. in Liberal Arts program emphasizes critical thinking and creative problem-solving—skills you can apply in your professional life right away. It blends new ideas and technologies to make learning more dynamic than you've ever imagined. And because the B.A. in Liberal Arts is so well-rounded, you can easily transfer the course credits you've already earned and finish that much faster.

Save time and money

Lynn has reduced the cost of online tuition by nearly 20 percent to just $8,850 per year. Plus, we recognize that what you’ve learned outside the classroom is extremely valuable. At Lynn, you can turn your professional experience into academic credit and save even more money through LearningCounts.

Learn how to save time and money

Eligible experiences

In LearningCounts, you develop a learning portfolio featuring your professional experience, and present it to earn certified work experience credits. Your portfolio can feature:

  • Work experience and job skills
  • Employer training programs
  • Military service
  • Independent study
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Other training and job skills

Tuition and credits

LearningCounts allows you to translate your professional experience into up to 30 academic credits—which is 25 percent of your entire degree program.

The LearningCounts class is self-paced, available online at a special tuition rate which is inclusive of one portfolio review. After completing the course, you may submit additional portfolios for additional work experience credit. Each portfolio you submit must correspond to course offered by Lynn or another regionally accredited institution.

Credits Cost
LearningCounts course and first portfolio Up to 6 credits $650
Additional portfolios Up to 3 credits each $125 each

You may earn up to 30 credits for just $3,900.

Learn more at

About our iPad-powered degrees

Over the past three years, we've seen great results from our iPad-powered programs. Students are consistently more interested in their lessons and show a greater understanding of their learning objectives.

That's why all of Lynn’s degree programs are iPad-powered. As an iLynn student, you have the choice to bring your own iPad, or receive a brand new iPad mini from Lynn. Learn about your iPad options in our iPad FAQ.

Or, discover the various programs that you can study with your iPad:

College of Arts and Sciences

College of International Communication

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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