Senior development officer publishes book about loving and aging

Levinson says it can help people who are contemplating a lifestyle change

Published Feb. 07, 2012

Bob_LevinsonFor the older people, the loss of loved ones and the toll of aging is a natural part of the ‘golden years,’ says Bob Levinson, senior development officer at Lynn University who recently published a book, Full Circle: A Love Story.

Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult for those who have been widowed. Full Circle: A Love Story melds the pain of losing loved ones with finding new love, good friends and security from the worries of aging. “The best way to feel young is to love and to stay active, both mentally and physically,” says Levinson. 

Full Circle: A Love Story

Together with writer Carol Clark, Levinson and Zelda Luxenberg share their story about retirement and independent living hoping it will help people who are contemplating a lifestyle change.

The novella takes place at Harbour’s Edge, a life care community that offers independent living coupled with services and assistance to help meet future health needs. The story describes the process by which the main characters, Rob and Stella, each made the decision to move to the facility and depicts the day-to-day experiences encountered with this new lifestyle. The characters fall in love with their new home and each other and cope with ways people of advancing age make provisions to ensure quality of life. The book is described as a primer for how to live well into the 70s, 80s and 90s and beyond.

More on Levinson 

Bob Levinson, a novelist and senior development officer, has been with Lynn University for more than 20 years. Sixteen years ago, he was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a progressive, degenerative eye disease. The New York Times interviewed Levinson for a feature, Patient Voices: Macular Degeneration. “Mr. Levinson is able to work full time and function independently with the help of magnifiers and reading glasses,” writes Josh Ritchie. In this role, Levinson can discuss his novella, aging, tactics for feeling younger and macular degeneration with the media.