Professor says laughter is the best way to stay healthy, stress-free

Published Sep. 09, 2009

With the risk of H1N1 and an especially threatening flu season, staying healthy is on everyone’s mind. Grace Greenberg, an assistant professor of business management who earned her degrees in physical education and in business, says, “The best relaxation and energy booster is a bout of laughter.” H.U.M.O.R., one of Greenberg’s favorite acronyms, stands for Help Untangle Mounds of Resistance. “Tension is always cut with a spell of laughter from good fun, not from sarcasm,” says Greenberg.

Greenberg offers other options for staying healthy and being more productive in the workplace:

  1. Take a brisk walk as often as you realistically can get away.

  2. Get outside to take a deep breathe of air.

  3. Take the stairs whenever possible.

  4. Take the first step to create a 90-second routine of toe raisers and heel stretches.

  5. Minimize flour-produced foods.

  6. Participate in a simple stretch routine everyday.

Source: Greenberg, an assistant professor of business management at Lynn University since 2000, worked as a corporate trainer in California prior to joining the university. While in California, she designed and delivered training programs to include effective oral presentation and written communication skills, cultivating diversity in the workplace, leadership principles, wellness at the workplace, stress management, injury prevention and ergonomic modifications for the workplace, among others.