Professor leads student group to Shanghai for 5-month immersion program

Hall speaks Chinese Mandarin and has a Ph.D. in anthropology

Published Oct. 27, 2009

Joseph Hall, B.A., M.S., M.A., Ph.D.Former FBI special agent and Mandarin Chinese linguist, Joe Hall, an associate professor of criminal justice in Lynn’s College of Liberal Education, is the faculty advisor for Lynn’s inaugural China study abroad program that will have students working, studying and living in Shanghai beginning this January.

Hall began service as a special agent of the FBI in 1980. He held several roles within the Bureau including an Evidence Recovery Team leader, a member of a Hostage Negotiation Team and a Chinese linguist. While at the Bureau, Hall had intensive Mandarin Chinese language training. He now reads and speaks Chinese fluently at a level 3 according to the Interagency Language Roundtable Language Skill Level Descriptions.

The combination of Hall’s duties on the Hostage Negotiation Team and being a Chinese linguist led to his involvement with Asian Organized Crime cases. “Involvement with human smuggling was all too common in some Asian communities in the U.S.,” said Hall, “and some would fall victim to illegal smuggling operations.” After 22 years of government service, Hall retired from the FBI and joined the faculty at Lynn University.

Hall teaches courses on a variety of topics such as Equality and Justice in Non-Western Cultures, Ethics and Comparative Criminal Justice Systems. “I want my students to appreciate the ways of being human in many different cultures,” says Hall. “This actually becomes a tool for successful understanding and negotiation in any variety of fields that they may be pursuing.”

Source: Hall was named associate professor of criminal justice at Lynn in 2002. Prior to Lynn, Hall held various research and teaching positions at academic institutions including: the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Rutgers University and Germantown Academy. He earned a bachelor of arts in anthropology from Florida State University, then pursued a masters and Ph.D. in anthropology, ethnohistory and statistics from the University of Pennsylvania.