Palm Beach County students predict Obama will win the 2012 election

Students in grades K-12 participated in a mock election on Oct. 23

Published Oct. 30, 2012

More than 9,000 Palm Beach County School students in grades K-12 participated in a mock presidential election on Oct. 23. Using an electronic voting program for the vote and tabulation, the Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, determined that Obama won the mock presidential election with 70.03 percent of the votes going to Obama, 26.99 percent of the votes going to Romney and the remainder of the votes were split between various third party candidates.

Student leaders, Dani Boden and Chris Marzouca, announced the results on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Don Estridge High Tech Middle School.

“The presidential debate here in our county provided us with a golden opportunity to promote civic engagement and the importance of voting,” said Robert Watson, a professor of American Studies in Lynn University’s College of Liberal Education.

Over the past several months, students have been using Lynn University’s iTunesU debate-related curriculum. The curriculum has been viewed by 130,034 users and downloaded 10,723 times.