NYU dean, Elsewhere U.S.A. author keynotes Lynn’s Advertising 3.1 symposium

Conley, dean of social sciences at NYU, to discuss the new working professional – a blend of work and leisure

Published Dec. 01, 2009


New York University dean and Elsewhere U.S.A. author Dalton Conley will open Lynn University's second annual advertising symposium, dubbed "Advertising 3.1: The Moving Target," next month by discussing advertising on the moon (a bad idea, he says), Rupert Murdoch, and especially, the modern professional's unique, Blackberry-enhanced work-life balancing act. Lynn professors Myles Ludwig and Erika Grodzki, in the College of International Communication, and marketing professor Robert Green in the College of Business and Management are hosting the free, half-day symposium on Thursday, Jan. 21, at 9 a.m. in the Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall in the de Hoernle International Center on Lynn's campus.

Conley, dean of social sciences at NYU and author of Elsewhere U.S. A.: How We Got from the Company Man, Family Dinners and the Affluent Society to the Home Office, BlackBerry Moms and Economic Anxiety, will open the event and give a one-hour keynote presentation.

He explained his book's premise in a January 2009 Newsweek article, saying he is but one of many Americans "living in a blended world of work and leisure, home and office."

"I'm one of a new breed of American professional in Obamaland: the Elsewhere Class," writes Conley. "Today's professional... is constantly dogged by a feeling that he or she should be 'elsewhere' – back at the office, at a party full of potential clients, home with the kids or at a social function with the spouse."

Conley will kick off Lynn's second annual symposium at 9 a.m. in the Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall on campus. In addition to highlights of his book, Conley will discuss why we shouldn't advertise on the moon even if we can, what might happen if Rupert Murdoch owned the Pacific Ocean, how positional goods have become the new cultural currency, and such issues as fraud anxiety, consumer guilt and audience fragmentation.

After his address, the conference will continue with three panel discussions addressing the changing media landscape and how advertisers, marketers and public relations professionals can reach the targeted consumer with effective messages and obtain measurable results. The afternoon will conclude with a private luncheon in the Henke Wing in the de Hoernle International Center. The symposium is free and open to the public (excluding the luncheon for special guests).