Lynn's Preparatory School of Music, Flight Academy are growing

Lynn specialty programs target South Florida's younger and older demographics

Published Oct. 12, 2009

Lynn University typically targets undergraduate, college-age students, but recently has been focusing on the local community with programs targeted to younger and older demographics through Lynn University’s Preparatory School of Music and a Flight Academy housed in the Burton D. Morgan School of Aeronautics.

The Preparatory School of Music, a program within Lynn’s Conservatory of Music, hosts weekly private lessons on orchestral instruments as well as piano, classical guitar, popular/jazz guitar and voice to students of all ages and levels, some of whom have received international recognition with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Flight Academy, a new initiative by Lynn’s School of Aeronautics, is bringing in members of the local community for $59 discovery flights and private pilot, instrument rating and commercial multi-rating licenses.

flight academy“The Flight Academy is primarily targeting the adult community,” said Jeff Johnson, dean of Lynn’s School of Aeronautics. With 25 students currently enrolled, Lynn has seen a boom in the number of adult students enrolling in flight training courses since the program was launched this summer. “Flying can be a great hobby for those who are close to retirement or already retired,” said Johnson. However, the older community is not the program’s only target market. Students in high school can earn college credit while working toward their flying license and ratings.

Since Lynn’s Preparatory School of Music was developed in 1999, the program has grown to over 150 students each year. Just four years ago, in 2005, the program enrolled only 20-24 students. It’s no wonder why Lynn’s Preparatory School of Music continues to grow. According to Luisa Fuentes, director of the Preparatory School, it’s the prestigious faculty at Lynn’s Conservatory of Music – many of whom teach preparatory students – that distinguishes Lynn. And Lynn’s faculty is what brings students from Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. “We have become a tri-county Preparatory School of Music,” said Fuentes, “but the Boca Raton community is still our main beneficiary.”

Additionally, students in Lynn’s Preparatory School of Music are invited to attend Conservatory concerts, both orchestral and instrumental, performed by distinguished guest artists, Lynn’s prestigious faculty and talented students in Lynn’s Conservatory of Music. “All music students need to be exposed to excellence in performance,” said Fuentes, “and the Preparatory School gives students that opportunity.”

Lynn’s Preparatory School of Music has more than one success story to boast about including: Michael Province, a 13-year-old violin student of Carol Cole, who appeared on Oprah’s “World's Smartest and Most Talented Kids” show and on BBC’s “The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies.” Another star pupil is Brianna Kahane, a 7-year-old violin student of Carol Cole who appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Preparatory School alumnus and current student in Lynn’s Conservatory of Music, Michael Anderson, a 19-year-old pianist and composition student who studies under Roberta Rust and composer, Thomas McKinley, has already recorded several piano composition CDs.