Lynn University celebrates Earth Day

"Earth Day, especially, is an opportunity to raise awareness and renew our commitment to doing the little things that count."
Lynn University celebrates Earth Day

Published Apr. 17, 2014

Lynn University students, faculty and staff participated in Earth Day on April 22. The Butterfly GardenSustainability Committee, which oversees Lynn's Going Green initiatives partnered with Campus Recreation for a t-shirt swap in the student center. Students also had the chance to spruce up the on-campus butterfly garden and spent two hours adding new mulch and pulling weeds.

Students also took to social media using the hashtags #GoingGreen and #LynnUniversity to post what their Earth Day pledges were. Every student that posted was entered into a movie ticket giveaway contest and the winner was Lynn University web writer, Taylor Harker.

Lynn has been engaging students in Earth Day events for several years and started the sustainability initiative in 2009.

Alex Keller, assistant project manager for the dean of administration, says Earth Day projects really help the students think about the bigger picture.

“Earth Day, especially, is an opportunity to raise awareness and renew our commitment to doing the little things that count: turning off the lights, using less water, buying local foods and recycling. Little habits can turn into big changes and that means conserving energy, water and preventing releases of toxins to the environment and ourselves.”

As part of a comprehensive plan, the Sustainability Committee is focused on improvement in five major Going Green initiatives:

  • Community and education
  • Energy and transportation
  • Landscape and ecology
  • Water
  • Materials and waste


On Feb. 12, Lynn cut the ribbon on its latest project in the Going Green movement, the Central Energy Plant (CEP), which is expected to trim more than 33 percent off Lynn’s annual utility bill and will reduce the consumption of electricity, water and natural gas.

Since the Going Green initiative began, Lynn University has broken ground on the construction of its new International Business Center. This building is targeting LEED platinum certification, which is the highest award for “green” structures.

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