Lynn University provides accelerated path to graduate degrees

3+1 program follows on the heels of successful accelerated undergrad program
Lynn University provides accelerated path to graduate degrees

Published Feb. 14, 2012

Lynn University is expanding on its successful 3.0 program that provides an accelerated track to an undergraduate degree in three years for qualified students with 3+1—an academic path that allows students coming out of the program to get their graduate degree in one year.

“Today’s students are entering an extremely challenging job market and a graduate degree can provide them a distinct advantage,” Lynn President Kevin M. Ross said. “We considered this and the national conversations about the value of a college education when we started designing both the 3+1 and 3.0 programs.”

The Lynn 3.0 program began in the fall 2010, when a select group of first-year students were allowed to apply to complete their Lynn degree in 3 years instead of the typical 4 years. This group was limited to 20 students and the program was available in all majors except music and education. The program has proven so successful that it will be opened to all qualified incoming freshman in the fall of 2012.

The 3+1 program is for students who are able to meet and maintain specified academic requirements as they earned their undergraduate degree through the 3.0 track. These students have already saved an estimated $45,600 (in tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal expenses) over the cost of a 4-year degree.

Participating in the 3+1 program would offer even more academic and career value. It would essentially allow students to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees for the approximate cost of a traditional 4-year degree. Several students coming out of Lynn’s 3.0 program have already expressed interest, and the first group will enter 3+1 in the fall of 2012.

“The astute student is opting to complete his or her graduate degree prior to entering the job market,” Gregg Cox, vice president of academic affairs, said. “With these cost savings, and more advanced credentials, Lynn 3+1 students would have a distinct advantage over their traditional 4-year degree peers when entering the job market.”

Graduate degree path for 3.0 students

With the strength of Lynn University’s core curriculum, the Dialogues of Learning, Lynn 3+1 students should have the undergraduate foundation to choose among the 12 one-year graduate degree programs (accelerated 8-week terms over a 12-month period) Lynn currently offers to qualified 3.0 and traditional graduate students who qualify.

Administration M.S.

  • Applied Psychology
  • Criminal Justice Administration Specialization
  • Emergency Planning and Administration Specialization

Business Administration M.B.A.

  • Aviation Management Specialization
  • Financial Valuation and Investment Management Specialization
  • Marketing Specialization
  • International Business Specialization
  • Hospitality Management Specialization
  • Mass Communication and Media Management Specialization
  • Sports and Athletics Administration Specialization

Communication and Media M.S.

  • Media Studies and Practice Specialization
  • Digital Animation Specialization