Presidential Scholarships awarded to diverse and deserving students

The scholarships go to students most likely to assume leadership roles on campus

Published Sep. 12, 2012

The Lynn University Presidential Scholarship for the 2012-2013 academic year was awarded to two very deserving students that reflect Lynn's wide-ranging diversity: Jessica Beugen from Minnesota and Sara Harmouch from Lebanon.

They join a distinguished group who, through the application process, have demonstrated outstanding qualities that are a true reflection of a Lynn student. 

The presidential scholar is a student who is likely to assume leadership roles on campus and become an active participant within the university and surrounding community. Their nomination is a testament not only to their academic achievements, but also to their involvement within their school and local community.

“Through their involvement, these students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, participate in experiences of a lifetime and further develop into a respected and responsible global citizen,” says, Gareth Fowles, vice president for enrollment management.

The scholarship award covers the recipient’s cost of tuition, room and board in pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Lynn University and is renewable every year provided the required 3.5GPA is maintained with a full course load.

The scholarship is only offered to a select pool of approximately 30-40 students who are nominated by undergraduate admission counselors. Each counselor submits 5 nominees from their respective territories, totaling 40 students. Scholarship nominees are selected based on academic qualification, demonstrated interest in Lynn, notable achievements/awards and extra-curricular activities.

“Receiving the presidential scholarship is a great accomplishment and means that all the hard work I did through my years paid off,” says Harmouch. As an international student she says it is “an amazing opportunity,” especially since approximately one quarter of the Lynn’s student population is international.

For Jessica Beugen it was also a “tremendous honor” to receive the scholarship. “The fact that I was chosen among many eligible candidates was such a surreal feeling and gave me the most amazing sense of gratitude I’ve ever experienced. I have always been thankful for the blessings in my life, and that sense of appreciation has driven me to always give back in any way I can,” she says.

Mimi Trinh, one of last year’s recipients, from Vietnam, has already fulfilled the scholarship’s intention, assuming leadership roles and being an active participant on campus. She established the Speech and Debate team last year and the club is organizing three mock presidential debates this semester to welcome the “real” presidential debate on campus. 

“Without this scholarship, I would never have been able to go to college and follow my dream to become an attorney. I feel so fortunate being here at Lynn and gaining a great experience I would have never had without the financial aid the school has given me,” she says.

More on this year’s winners

Jessica Beugen

Beugen, from Minnesota, is a freshman majoring in multi media journalism in Lynn’s College of International Communication. In high school, she was on the National Honor Society and cofounded a club called HERO (Help Everyone Reach Out), a program that allowed kids that did not fit in to have a place where they felt useful. Her position as co-president of the club allowed her to oversee and engage with fellow students. She’s excited to be representing Lynn as a student ambassador, has a passion for social change and hopes to bring the Lynn community the same leadership skills she displayed in high school. “To me, I feel with this scholarship I am an ambassador to the school, and am looking forward to representing Lynn in the best light. The school has shown me so much conviviality and warmth, that anything I can do to help promote the school would be a privilege.”

Sara Harmouch

Harmouch, from Lebanon, is a freshman majoring in international relations. She loves watching the news and considers herself a political entrepreneur. While in high school, she was chosen to participate in the “Better Understanding for a Better World” conference in Baltimore, Md., along with 100 students from every corner of the world. During the conference, she gave a presentation about the systems and political problems in Lebanon, and suggested ways to overcome them. She also took part in a mock “presidential debate.” After that experience she started a political club at her school. She’s thinks being part of the presidential debate taking place on Lynn’s campus will be an unprecedented learning opportunity. “It is an engagement in the process of what politics is really about, which is what makes the votes really count.”