Lynn University Launches China Program

Semester-long immersion experience will have students living and working for 5 months in Shanghai

Published Aug. 12, 2009

Lynn University today announced the launching of a full immersion China study abroad program that will have students working, studying and living in Shanghai beginning in the spring of 2010. Lynn organizers expect the program to enroll 15-25 upperclassmen this fall for the inaugural program.

Lynn Shanghai ProgramStudents participating in the Lynn Shanghai Program, organized through a partnership with China Educational Tours (CET), will spend their January Term and spring semester, a total of 22 weeks (Jan. 6 – June 4), in China. While abroad, students will be attending Donghua University, living with a local Chinese roommate, studying Mandarin, working in the local community, learning Chinese business practices and adapting to Chinese culture. The program will be led by faculty advisor and Lynn criminal justice professor Joseph Hall, who speaks Mandarin, has a Ph.D. in anthropology, and spent many years in China.

“The program focuses on globalization in China,” said Anna Krift, director of Lynn’s Center for Global Education and Citizenship. “Shanghai symbolizes this transformation, not only in a visual sense with its modern cityscape, but it has the largest population in China, and it’s a global trade center.”

Lynn Shanghai Program2In accordance with Lynn’s international and experiential learning focus, students will learn about China’s culture and business practices through course work, lectures, field trips and internships at a local business, consulate or non-governmental organization. Work duties will range from clerical work, to positions in volunteer organizations, and even service positions that include working as a server in a local restaurant or a clerk in a local retail store. These hands-on experiences are expected to provide students with a better understanding of business in and the people of China.

Cynthia Patterson, vice president for academic affairs at Lynn, says this new program answers the university’s desire to offer its students a rich international education, as well as uncommon experiential learning opportunities. “These students will have an exceptional opportunities within the classroom, in internships, and in their day-to-day living experiences.”

This is the second new international program announced by Lynn since the end of the last academic year. In April, the College of Hospitality Management at Lynn launched a Switzerland Program in partnership with DCT University Center. The newly reorganized Center for Global Education and Leadership at Lynn also offers a host of other full-semester study abroad programs, in addition to helping organize and oversee study abroad programs associated with Lynn’s new January Term.

“Lynn students will be completely immersed in the Shanghai experience while abroad,” said Krift. “They will gain an appreciation of China’s role in the global economy, learning firsthand about the challenges China has faced and how the country has managed to transform itself into a major world power in the span of just a few decades." Contact Krift for more information on Lynn's Shanghai Program.