Lynn University launches 2012 presidential debate website on heels of Florida primary

The site will serve as the central depot for all activities related to the debate
Lynn University launches 2012 presidential debate website on heels of Florida primary

Published Feb. 01, 2012

Looking forward to the general election on the heels of Florida’s important primary vote, Lynn University just launched its official 2012 presidential debate website.

The site will be the university’s central repository for all things related to the debate. It will allow users to find out the latest information on student events, classes, community happenings, lectures and other activities related to Lynn University’s hosting of the final presidential debate on Oct. 22, 2012.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this signature event for American democracy,” Lynn University President Kevin M. Ross, said. “And this site will help us share information about all the exciting on- and off-campus happenings coming this year that are related to the debate. It will be a springboard for anyone who wants to share in this amazing experience.”

The site was designed for easy navigation and quick access to information. As such, it offers two large buttons on the right side: “Become a Volunteer” and “Maps and Directions,” and a simple menu along the left side that may expand as more information becomes available.

To help everyone keep track of how long until the event, the site also offers a countdown clock in the upper-right of the site. The clock is visible no matter what page the user is on.

The majority of on- and off-campus activities will occur later this year so anyone interested in following the activities should return throughout the year to see updates as they become available. In the meantime, the site offers a few features that can be used now.

Hotel Reservation System

Planning for the estimated 10,000 people that will visit the area for the debate, Lynn University with support from the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau will offer a housing solution for visitors to the county on the dates surrounding the event, from Oct. 13 through Tuesday, Oct. 23. The accommodation and reservation management program, Passkey, secures competitive rates from participating hotels offered exclusively to those booking through the system. To use the system, click the visitors link in the menu along the left side of the website and go to “Find Lodging.”

Sign up for updates

There is a page designated for media information and credentialing. This section will be home to the digital media kit and other information later this year. For now, members of the media can submit their information to ensure they are added to the official debate media distribution list. Several members of the media have already requested we add them to this list.

The debate will likely require the help of hundreds of volunteers. Anyone interested in becoming a debate volunteer can visit the website to learn more about volunteering opportunities and sign up to be notified when the volunteer application is available. All volunteers must pass a Secret Service security check to participate.

Integrating Social Media

Lynn University is proud of its nationally ranked social media program. As such, the school has integrated social media into its official debate site. The site offers an embedded tweet that we encourage Twitter users interested in the debate to share and help us spread the word about the latest happenings. Additionally, the site features clickable Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons so visitors can jump from the site to anyone of the school’s social media channels. The school also plans to offer a Twitter feed in the final days leading up to the debate that features all the tweets using the school’s official debate hashtag (to be announced later this year) as well as other debate-related hashtags.