Students search for their passion during Lynn’s 2011 January Term

Self-starter and founder of the One-Week Job Project, Sean Aiken, to address Lynn students

Published Nov. 29, 2010

Like many students, when Sean Aiken (a self-starter and founder of the One-Week Job Project) graduated from Capilano University in North Vancouver with a degree in business administration, his calling in life was still undecided. Instead of taking the first job he was offered, Aiken started the One-Week Job Project, and for a year traveled across the nation working in 52 different professions, each for one week. Aiken received national attention for his efforts and held positions in a variety of fields including: a bungee jumping operator, a city mayor, a firefighter and even a National Hockey League (NHL) mascot.

Although Lynn University students will not be taking on the One-Week-Job Project for a year, they do have the opportunity to search for their passion locally, nationally and/or internationally during the university’s two-and-a-half week January mini-term (J-Term), also known as the Dialogues of Innovation. Hands-on experiences available for students in J-Term 2011 (Jan. 5-21, 2011) include working with elementary school children in Bali, feeding the poor in Jamaica, working behind the scenes at ESPN’s Winter X-Games in Aspen and cleaning the beaches in Boca Raton, all while learning the skills needed to become a self-made entrepreneur like Aiken.

Lynn’s Office of Academic Affairs recently unveiled the 62 J-Term courses for 2011 and the roster includes nationally recognized speakers, 13 domestic and international travel courses and a variety of on-campus and local courses that will give students hands-on experience. For the third consecutive year, Lynn students will be spending J-Term learning in some unconventional – and often experiential – ways while traveling around the world.

Nationally recognized speakers:

Aiken will headline Lynn’s 2011 J-Term as the Dialogues of Innovation featured speaker on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 3 p.m. in the Armarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall on Lynn’s campus.

This year’s J-Term also includes presentations by two scholars-in-residence.
  • Jim Hoagland, associate editor and chief foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, will address the campus on Friday, Jan. 14 at 10 a.m. in the Armarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall.
  • Tom Cordaro, a Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace, will address the campus on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 10 a.m. in the Armarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall.

Lynn’s 2011 J-Term roster, which includes several popular encores from 2009 and 2010, is filled with new on-campus, domestic and international opportunities in all areas of study. This is due in part to the increased focus on service learning at the university after the devastating earthquake that stuck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, and took the lives of four Lynn students and two professors during the 2010 J-Term.

Service learning J-Term courses:

  • Bali Service Project:” Students will engage in service projects with local elementary schools in Bali, Indonesia and learn about Balinese culture, geography and history.
  • Local Service: Global Impact:” Students will work on community service projects throughout Palm Beach County with Boca Helping Hands, Gumbo Limbo and Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Miracle League: Making Kids’ Baseball Dreams Come True:” Students will help market and raise funds for the Palm Beach County chapter of The Miracle League, a charitable organization that conducts special baseball games for children facing serious mental and physical challenges.
  • "Talking Trash and Tracking Turtles Take Three:" Students will discover how people are connected to coastal environments by tracking trash, sea beans, sea turtles and shore birds in Boca Raton and South Florida.

Domestic and international J-Term courses:

  • A business / aviation course, “Pacific Rim Business, Culture and Tourism:” Students will study tourism and resort management in Hawaii and learn the importance of aviation to business in the Pacific Rim.
  • A communication course, “Travel Channel You:” Students will have the opportunity to be on camera, write scripts, shoot video, audio and edit as they work in teams to conceptualize their own travel videos on a cruise through Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Italy.
  • A hospitality event management course, “Winter X Games:” Students will travel to Aspen, Colorado to work at ESPN’s annual extreme sports competition.

On-campus and local J-Term courses:

  • A public service and documentary course, “Underwater Pickup Lines: Snorkel the Coast and Clean the Reef:” Students will participate in open-water cleanups throughout South Florida while capturing underwater video footage for public service announcement video releases.
  • An on-campus criminal justice course, “CSI Boca Raton: Forensic Crime Scene Investigations:” Students will conduct a field excavation, demonstrating recovery and recording of physical evidence.
  • An on-campus education course, “Virtual School Planning:” Students will join and create educational based activities using Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE).

The J-Term provides students with educational experiences focusing on original ideas, topics, pedagogies and/or experiential learning. All undergraduate students are required to participate in J-Term. Academic Domestic Programs (ADPs) and Academic Programs Abroad (APAs) provide three academic credits and on-campus courses offer 2 academic credits. All courses are heavy on hands-on learning opportunities.

Although some of the J-Term courses do require additional fees, more than 70 percent of the courses are less than $150, and nearly half of the courses – 27 of 62 – are free of charge. In addition, the Crispinelli’s and Gianacaci’s (parents of Stephanie Crispinelli and Christine Gianacaci who were lost in the Haiti quake) created funds that will help tuition and travel costs for Lynn students interested in university sponsored humanitarian courses. Download a PDF of the complete listing of 2011 J-Term programs.