Lynn students increasingly turning to new tool to emphasize college experience alongside academic work

Program coordinators at Lynn see increased interest in Experiential Learning Transcripts

Published Feb. 18, 2009

Through its new January term classes and longtime tradition of offering and emphasizing experiential learning experiences, Lynn University has long emphasized the value of real world experiences as a part of college life. Now, the university is helping students to prepare a tangible document that helps them tout the “outside the classroom” experiences and training they’re receiving – with an eye toward making them more marketable than peers when they graduate.

To accomplish this, Lynn students are increasingly seeking out and preparing a full “Experiential Learning Transcript” (ELT). Lynn is one of a small number of universities to offer ELT’s or co-curricular transcripts. “The ELT records the way students use outside classroom opportunities to enhance and validate their classroom education,” said Louise Sundermeier, associate dean of student development who validates the transcripts.  “It officiates their leadership roles, internships, awards and recognitions, community service hours and other activities.”

According to Sundermeier, Lynn has had the ELT available to students for two years, but recently they have seen an influx in the number of students requesting ELT’s. “This is likely due to students trying to get ahead in the current job market,” notes Christine Childer, director of career development at Lynn. “We encourage students to stand out from their peers, and the ELT is a great place for them to begin.”

When a future employer sees a student with work experience, whether it‘s working behind the scenes at ESPN’s Winter X-Games, performing live off Broadway in New York City or holding leadership roles in the Student Government Association while landing three internships and earning a college degree, “it’s impressive, and the recruiters we talk to think it’s impressive too” says Childers. “That’s the edge Lynn students need – and that’s the kind of education we provide them.”