Lynn student and Egyptian native not surprised by political upheaval and protests

International relations major gives insight into Middle Eastern protests

Published Feb. 22, 2011

Gamila ElmaadawyIn the wake of the ongoing protests and political upheaval throughout the Middle East, Lynn student and Egyptian native Gamila Elmaadawy says, “I was not surprised when this happened as the atmosphere in Egypt was becoming very explosive.”

Elmaadawy, who was born and raised in Cario, Egypt, is a junior majoring in international relations in Lynn’s College of Liberal Education. “Many of my family live in the area of Mansoura,” she said.

“The events in Egypt come after years of silence and delay,” said Elmaadawy. “Its something like a breath of relief after years of corruption, oppression and stagnation. The people of Egypt have finally proved that they can be proactive and have an extremely powerful voice that any person or group, in or outside the country, should respect and fear.”

Elmaadawy chose to leave her home country of Egypt to pursue an education at Lynn, a university renowned for it’s high concentration of international students.

"My life as a college student in Egypt would have been full of daily struggle,” said Elmaadawy. “I found that I could reach my potential here, studying international relations and finding career opportunities, as well as intermingling with so many different people. Lynn has been extremely welcoming to me, as has been American culture.”