Lynn senior discusses Congo conflict, personal experiences at Nazareth College

Published Apr. 16, 2009

Lynn University senior and Congo native Bernard Londoni spent April 13-15 in Rochester, New York, visiting classrooms and giving a public address about the ongoing conflict in his homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The former SGA president at Lynn was invited by the Amnesty International and History clubs at Nazareth College to speak about the war ongoing in his homeland. In addition to a public address on Monday, he made formal presentations and took questions in four classes at Nazareth.

Bernard Londoni“It was an honor to be invited to speak to the students at Nazareth,” Londoni said. He says he wants students to see that the events occurring in the Congo and the rest of the world have meaning and repercussions for everyone. “I am telling them that young people have to be agents of change and urging them to stand for the women of the Congo who are suffering and to hold leaders in Washington D.C. accountable for not taking action.”

This wasn’t the first time he has spoken about the conflict or his experiences. Londoni, who came to Lynn in 2005 from a refugee camp in Burundi, was invited by the United Nations to discuss his experiences on a panel in October of last year in the nation’s capital. Londoni, who served as student body president at Lynn during his junior year, was in D.C. at the time completing an internship at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, where he worked with policymakers in the Africa Program.

Londoni returns to Lynn on Thursday, April 16, to finish out the last three weeks of his senior year. He’ll graduate on May 9 with his classmates. In the coming weeks he’ll be deciding on his next destination: graduate school. He plans to pursue his masters in conflict resolution with an “aim to work toward peace in the world and in my native country,” Londoni said.