Professor named editor of Women’s Studies in Communication

Fabj’s research focuses on marginalized groups including women activists, medical activism and political advocates

Published Sep. 22, 2009

Valeria Fabj, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.Valeria Fabj, director of the Masters of Science in communication and media, program chair and professor of communication, media and politics in the Lynn College of International Communication, was recently named editor of Women's Studies in Communication, a nationally-ranked academic journal published by the Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC).

As editor of Women's Studies in Communication for a three-year term, Fabj will decide what is and what is not deemed appropriate research related to women’s studies. “The overall purpose of Women’s Studies in Communication,” says Fabj, “is to promote a forum for feminist research and scholarship concerned with women, gender, oppression and social change.”

Source: Fabj, an expert on communication and advocacy with an emphasis on how traditionally marginalized groups can gain a public voice and bring about social change, teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses related to communication theory, rhetoric, persuasion, gender communication and social change.

Fabj has published a variety of articles related to marginalized groups and politics that focus on issues including: women’s international activism, AIDS activism, post-traumatic stress disorder, and gender and identity among others.