Lynn mascot “Big LU” gearing up for another star turn as “Obie” at BCS National Championship tonight

Junior Chris Dillon getting internship credit (and invaluable experience) as professional mascot this month

Published Jan. 08, 2009

Chris Dillon, a junior at Lynn majoring in film and television production, has been pulling on the “Big LU” costume – as Lynn’s fighting knight mascot – since coming to Lynn as a freshman three years ago. But this month, Dillon has been filling the shoes of another high profile mascot, “Obie” the Orange Bowl Orange – a persona he’ll again don tomorrow for the BCS National Championship game at the Orange Bowl.

And he’s ready. Dillon already appeared as Obie during the popular New Year’s Day 75th FedEx Orange Bowl, among other events. Tomorrow night, Jan. 8, at 8 p.m. at Miami’s Dolphin Stadium, he’ll again don the big orange suit for the 2009 FedEx BCS National Championship hosted by the Orange Bowl Committee between the top ranked Oklahoma Sooners and No. 2 Florida Gators.

On his way to a pre-game event this week, Dillon was still brimming with enthusiasm about the experience, even if he’s been putting in some long days since returning to campus on Dec. 26. “It’s been really great,” he said. “I’ve been putting in some 12 and 13 hour days, but I can’t complain. This is incredible.”

For his work as Obie, as well as a number of assignments and reflections he’ll pen about the experience, Dillon will receive three internship credits for his efforts during this month’s January term at Lynn. The J-term, titled the “Dialogues of Innovation,” is heavy on experiential and hands-on learning, making Dillon’s work a perfect fit. Other students participating in J-term will be performing live on Broadway in New York City; traveling to Colorado to work behind the scenes at the 2009 ESPN Winter X Games; and seeing firsthand the inauguration of the United States’ 44th president in Washington, D.C.