Lynn Library Revamped – No More “Sshhh-ing” Allowed

Lynn part of national trend and adapts to the digital age in recent renovation

Published Oct. 27, 2008

The Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Library recently underwent a dramatic reconfiguration to make room for students, their changing study habits and the digital age. “The library is different this year,” said Charles Kuhn, Lynn’s library director. With 85,000 E-books and 37,000 online journals available to Lynn students, “We have reduced our reliance on print materials. Lynn is already predominately a digital library.”

With a plethora of information available online, some may ask, “Why do students still go to the library?” According to a September article in University Business magazine, “campus libraries have evolved into much more than information storage facilities.” Libraries today provide a place for students to come together, collaborate and study – not just check out books. And that means taking down a lot of the “Quiet Please” signs.

Hear from Lynn’s library director, Charles Kuhn, and current Lynn students about the changes in the library including the more spacious design that makes group projects easier, the music library, the DVD/video collection, and the less busy/more secluded second floor.

Lynn’s library renovation ad hoc taskforce is on target with the evolution of the 21st century library, providing open, inviting, user-friendly spaces for students. “Students today blend studying and social interaction,” said Kuhn. “To adapt with their changing behaviors, we are recasting the library as a meeting place, not a place of silence. We created a variety of seating and spaces where students can jump back and forth between social learning, individual learning, social activity and study activity.”

Aside from the relocation of bulky book stacks that open spaces for students to work together on the main floor, Lynn’s library opened five, walk-in-and-use, “group collaboration rooms” where groups of two to four students can gather around a computer, exchange thoughts and get creative. In the large group room, students can use the available wall screen and projector to prepare presentations.  Other changes include the new music library, the DVD/video collection and viewing area, the university archives room, and the alumni room (a.k.a. the quiet study room).

Cynthia Patterson, Lynn’s vice president of academic affairs, said of the changes “we are enhancing the availability of written materials in electronic and digital formats while also creating a ‘core’ collection of traditional printed materials and books to support our new curriculums and Lynn 2020.”