Lynn hires expert with global marketing background to lead its marketing and communication efforts

Sherrie Weldon blends global corporate marketing with experience in higher education

Published Aug. 28, 2013

Sherrie_WeldonSherrie Weldon, a marketing and communications professional with 20 years of experience, has been hired as Lynn University’s new vice president for marketing and communication. In her latest role as senior managing director at FTI Consulting in San Francisco, she led several major efforts including a successful global campaign to integrate under a single brand 25 companies in 25 countries.

“I’m here because of Lynn University’s student-oriented culture and its drive to always stay one step ahead,” Weldon said. “The university is no longer a ‘best-kept secret.’ Milestones like hosting the 2012 presidential debate and launching one of the nation’s most extensive iPad learning programs have brought it global recognition. Now we have a wonderful opportunity to leverage that momentum and earn recognition as one of the most innovative small universities in America.”

In addition to her experience with international corporations like Philips, Sony, HP, Xerox and NVIDIA, Weldon also served as the health communications director at Florida State University where she led a public affairs and media campaign to combat alcohol abuse and underage drinking on campus. Now that she has returned to higher education, she sees a lot of challenges and opportunities for the industry and is excited about helping Lynn navigate the evolving environment.

“A sluggish economy has many questioning the value of a college education.  Educators need to demonstrate the relevance of higher learning, and Lynn provides a credible voice in the debate,” Weldon said. “With its accelerated degree program, Lynn 3.0, and a focus on flexible learning, Lynn has a positive story to tell about how schools can better meet the needs of students.”

Considering her work with global technology firms during her years in and around Silicon Valley, Weldon is especially intrigued by the increasing role technology is playing in higher education and believes Lynn is positioned well in this regard.

“Technology is disrupting the traditions of institutional learning, not only creating new competition and learning alternatives, but also changing the ways in which colleges communicate,” Weldon said. “With its innovative iPad learning program and award-winning use of social media, Lynn is a forerunner in using new media tools to strategically create a two-way dialogue with its constituencies.”

More on Weldon

Weldon spent two decades in marketing and communications and is a self-described “problem-solver” who has helped organizations evolve and grow by leading strategic multimedia programs. In addition to the work already detailed, while at FSU she helped the school battle its “#1 Party School” image and her experience with global technology firms is extensive. She worked with HP to retain customer trust during its merger with Compaq, and transitioned Sony, Fujifilm and Xerox from printer and film companies to digital information leaders.

Considering her unique blend of global corporate brand communications and marketing with higher education communications and public affairs, Weldon can comment on a number of issues related to marketing and communications. She can be a source on trends in global brand marketing, corporate social responsibility, measuring ROI, importance of communicating with key stakeholder groups, higher education communications and application of new technologies in marketing and communication efforts.