Lynn develops first Apple iTunes U debate curriculum for education

Free grade-level specific courses to engage students in politics
Lynn develops first Apple iTunes U debate curriculum for education

Published Aug. 13, 2012

In anticipation of its hosting of the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 22, Lynn University is engaging students in grades K-12 with its 2012 Debate Curriculum for Education, available for free download on the iPad through Apple iTunes U or through Lynn's official debate website. Lynn is the only 2012 presidential debate host school to offer a debate-related K-12 curriculum through iTunes U.

“We worked with Apple technology to create a fun, unique tool for teachers to use in the classroom to help students better understand the debate process,” said Christian Boniforti, chief information officer of Lynn University. “This learning experience comes just in time for students to actively participate in the presidential debate dialogue.”

Lynn's 2012 Debate Curriculum for Education lets students have all the presidential debate materials right at their fingertips. Most of the activities have been tied to Florida’s New Generation Sunshine State Standards, and some are linked to the Common Core Standards which are used by many states.

"When Lynn University's presidential debate team invited us to participate in this historic event, we had no idea we'd be the beneficiaries of an energizing new civics curriculum meticulously developed by them,” said E. Wayne Gent, superintendent of Palm Beach County Schools. “Our students will have multi-dimensional, interactive learning modules to stimulate discussion on how to understand and maintain our nation's democracy.”

Debate Curriculum Activities 

There are three activities for each grade, Kindergarten through fifth, and four activities for grades six through twelve. Interactive activities include worksheets, coloring sheets, mock debates, multimedia content and more. Kindergarteners will learn to recognize the two political party symbols with a coloring exercise. Third graders will read different scenarios and identify which government level should be involved for a solution to the scenario. By watching past presidential debates, sixth graders will use scoring cards to determine which candidate did a better job. Presidential fact sheets and debate information are also available in the appendix of the web portal

As Lynn University prepares for the presidential debate, it is working to help teachers involve students in the democratic process, so they can understand and enjoy the historic event.