Lynn offers job-hunting tips for graduating seniors

“Students must be willing to plan and think strategically to find the right job,” said Bonds.
Lynn offers job-hunting tips for graduating seniors

Published Mar. 13, 2013

With commencement less than eight weeks away, seniors at Lynn University are focused on fine-tuning their resumes and searching for jobs.

“I think the job market is improving,” Denisha Bonds, director of career services at Lynn, said, “but to be successful in a job search, students must be willing to plan, think strategically and do the work necessary to find a job that is the right fit.”

Lynn’s Hannifan Center for Career Services helps students find internships, land jobs and develop job search skills including resume writing, interviewing and evaluating opportunities based on individual skills and personality traits. Bonds offers tips for securing a job.

8 ways to land your dream job

  • Gain real world experience via coursework and internships.
  • Develop a strategic job search plan.
  • Reach out to employers.
  • Network with faculty, past supervisors, mentors, etc.
  • Create a strong, professional social media presence. 
  • Market yourself.
  • Produce a targeted, accomplishments-based resume.
  • Strengthen skills via mock interviews.

Even with ample preparation, job hunting can still be a difficult task for recent college graduates. According to a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, employers are looking for employees with experience and more than just a college degree. 

“Participating in experiential learning courses and finding internships are keys to building a standout resume,” Bonds said. “Institutions like Lynn provide students with opportunities to succeed in the world-of-work, but students must take responsibility to prepare themselves as well.”

More on Bonds:

Denisha_BondsDenisha Bonds, director of career services at Lynn University, has more than 20 years of experience working in student affairs. Prior to Lynn, she served as the director of career services for The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science from Florida State University and completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education from the University of Virginia.

Bonds, who oversees Lynn’s Career Services, works with students daily – coaching seniors on their pending graduation and helping freshmen who are deciding on their majors. Bonds can speak to the media regarding the effective use of Facebook for job seekers, social networking use among college students, strategies for job hunting in a depressed economy and the challenges / pitfalls of job searching in a digital communication era.