Lynn business professor helps students understand their competitive advantage

In the new course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students focus on self-discovery
Lynn business professor helps students understand their competitive advantage

Published Sep. 25, 2013

Lynn University’s College of Business and Management strives to stay ahead of the curve with an innovative curriculum – including the college’s new course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, co-taught by assistant professor Brian Sommer and Jay Forte, president and founder of TGZ Group in Fort Lauderdale. 

“There is much negative press around the cost and corresponding value of a college education,” said Tom Kruczek, dean of Lynn’s College of Business. “We, at Lynn University, are working to change that perception by adding practical and critical skill training in our business programs.”

Lynn’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation introduces students to practical tools they can use to assess today’s economy and business climate for opportunities to invent, launch and manage a successful entrepreneurial business enterprise. The class does this while also aligning the entrepreneurship process with the student’s unique talents, strengths and passions. This semester, students will complete numerous assignments, from research projects, to talent assessments and creating self-marketing plans. 

“This class is unique because we only discuss what happens in the real world,” said Sommer. “We’re shifting the current paradigm of theory-based learning that is found in most university business schools. Through the exploration of hot industries, jobs, current events, self-reflection, opportunity creation, creativity and innovation, each student will be developing a strategy for success.”

Unlike many traditional businesses courses, this course focuses on student self-discovery and how students can build bridges between their passions and smart business opportunities to ultimately be successful. This course is required for all Lynn business students and is typically taken in the student’s first year. 

“Success in today’s intellectual workplace requires that we each know our best abilities to be able to identify roles and opportunities that need what we do best,” said Kruczek. “This program guides students into discovering their hardwired competitive advantage, then shares how to connect it to today’s needs, challenges and opportunities for significant results. Hands-on and practical education, along with student accountability, are the hallmarks of this business course.”

More on Sommer

Brian SommerBrian Sommer is an assistant professor and internship coordinator for Lynn University's College of Business and Management. Prior to teaching full-time at Lynn University in 2010, Sommer was a business consultant and director of regional sales for CDI Global BV, an international merger and acquisition firm. In addition to his industry experience, Sommer was a golf teaching professional at the nationally recognized Stratton Golf University in Stratton Mountain, Vt., as well as the assistant golf coach of the men’s and women’s golf teams at Lynn University. 

He can discuss how entrepreneurs build businesses and how diverse international entrepreneurs and executives interact and conduct business, in addition to topics related to leadership, management, coaching, creativity, vision and motivation.