Lynn Alum Lands on National Stage

Joanna James ’09 builds and brands “Love Handles”

Published Jul. 09, 2009

Joanna James, a 2009 graduate from the masters program in Lynn’s College of International Communication, is making waves in the national media with her new invention – “Love Handles” – a universal exercise device that attaches to any baby stroller or carriage and gives the user an upper body / core workout while strolling.

Just last month, Joanna and “Love Handles” were featured on an episode of Live with Regis and Kelly and Access Hollywood. “Why didn’t I invent this?” said Kelly Rippa, herself a member of the target audience (active mothers). “That is great!”

For Joanna, getting “Love Handles” started wasn’t easy. Since finishing classes in December 2008, Joanna has gone through the complicated processes of inventing, patenting and financing a new product. To begin, Joanna had to find an attorney, engineer, manufacturer and insurance agent.

Joanna James and her partner, Mary Moschos“My studies at Lynn helped with many facets of developing the business,” said Joanna. “It helped me realize how to utilize various media to successfully convey a message - from defining and correctly packaging selling points, marketing them, using new media [like Facebook] to strengthen your presence and visibility and of course all the daily written and oral transactions that can either make or break deals in terms of negotiations, contracts or letters of interest.”