Lynn alum and Audiopoint CEO, Brian Lichorowic, uses his company to demonstrate successful target markets

Video: Lichorowic explains that voice enabled services for technology aren’t only used by the blind in Fox Business interview

Published Oct. 09, 2008

This summer, moments before the Apple iPhone was released, Lynn alum and Audiopoint president / CEO Brian Lichorowic interviewed live with Fox Business in a segment entitled, “Technology Access.” Audiopoint, with help from Lichorowic, has transitioned from a failing company to a profitable, leading provider of voice data services using advanced text-to-speech technology that is helping the visually impaired or blind – and other users – go online.

As part of the College of Business and Management’s annual CEO Lecture Series, Lichorowic will be on campus, 6-7:15 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 22, to discuss with students and members of the local community, how his Lynn degree gave him the entrepreneurship and business leadership skills necessary to succeed in the business world.

In June 1999, Lichorowic founded Audiopoint, a mature, profitable and vital speech technology company. According to Lichorowic, there are other users for the voice user interface (VUI) – like on-the-go business people – who use their cell phones up to 20-hours per week just for e-mails. “We started redesigning the [voice] user interface for this product to be more compliant with how individuals who are sightless, visually impaired and blind will use this product,” noted Lichorowic in the Fox Business interview. “It turns out that it’s something that can be used for the elderly, or people who aren’t internet savvy, or not tied to a keyboard from 9 to 5.”

Lichorowic has been involved in various segments of the technology world, but he decided to focus on the visually impaired – or voice enabled services – segment. “It looks to be a good market, a large market,” said Lichorowic. “Voice is probably the next user interface.”

Known also for his ability to re-engineer traditional marketing models into targeted and profitable niche revenue streams, Lichorowick’s marketing expertise and leadership has been featured in publications including Forbes, INC, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Washington Business Journal. “We want to get a market lead in technology,” said Lichorowic.