New iLynn program provides a private university experience for a state university price

Lynn University showcases education technology innovations at eMerge Americas conference
New iLynn program provides a private university experience for a state university price

Published May. 01, 2015

Lynn University today announced its innovative iPad-powered online bachelor’s degree program will be called iLynn. Beginning in fall 2015, the new program will offer a private university experience for a state university price. iLynn is one of two initiatives Lynn will highlight during eMerge Americas during the conference May 1 through May 5 in Miami.

“Technology has enabled us to reimagine college,” said Lynn President Kevin M. Ross. “We've been using iPads on our campus to improve student engagement and reduce the cost of traditional textbooks by up to 95 percent. Now, we're excited to announce that we are using that same mobile technology in our iLynn program to reduce the cost of tuition by 20 percent.”

The iLynn program empowers adult students with work, family and other obligations to pursue their undergraduate degrees online, on campus or both. The program also offers accelerated terms, easy transfer of college and certified work experience credits and professional coaching for every student. Starting at $35,400 ($8,850 per year), iLynn is as affordable as the average state university tuition, but with a more personalized education, small class sizes and unlimited access to next-generation collaboration tools.

The school is also launching Lynn University Digital Press, a digital publisher of scholarly works designed for iPad- and iTunes U-enabled academic curricula.

“Lynn’s digital press is the first of its kind in South Florida,” said Chris Boniforti, Lynn’s CIO. “The model of having faculty write and create the texts they use in class is an innovation that not only reduces textbook costs for students, but also increases faculty and student engagement with the content.”

To date, the university has created 24 multi-touch books that have helped reduce the cost of traditional textbooks. Another dozen works are underway, including a contribution by Presidential Fellow James Guthrie, who will address the field of educational leadership.

The university anticipates the digital press will also significantly enhance its sustainability efforts by replacing traditional printing, shipping and inventory practices with immediate access to digital content. 

During the second annual eMerge Americas conference, President Ross will deliver opening remarks at the 1111 Party on Sunday, May 3, at 7 p.m., and Boniforti will participate in the EdTech Disruption of Education panel on Tuesday, May 5, at 2:15 p.m. The Lynn Admission team will demonstrate the university’s award-winning iPad-powered curriculum during the conference exhibit on May 4 and 5.  

For more information, contact Stephanie Brown or visit booth D03.1 during eMerge Americas.