Google Street View maps Lynn’s campus

Google is mapping all campuses hosting a 2012 debate
Google Street View maps Lynn’s campus

Published May. 09, 2012

Last week, the Google Street View crew was at Lynn University, mapping Lynn’s roads and sidewalks to provide web users with a 360-degree view tour of campus. According to Google, they are doing street-level maps for all schools hosting a presidential debate in 2012.

Lynn students, staff and faculty gathered with the university mascot, Big LU, in various locations around campus wearing official debate t-shirts for the mapping. On the road, Google representatives drove the Street View car, but to map Lynn’s sidewalks and pedestrian-only locations, they used the Street View trike – an impressive human-powered convergence of real-world digital information gathering. 

Although the maps won’t be live for a few months, Lynn is very excited about giving prospective students and parents the ability to digitally “walk” the campus in hopes of enticing more to people visit and enroll at Lynn.