Going for the Gold

12 Lynn University students head to London for “The Olympic Games Experience”
Going for the Gold

Published Jul. 11, 2012

Twelve Lynn University sports management students will be going for the gold this summer. They won’t be competing in any of the games, but they will have the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind educational experience when the Summer Olympics Games in London, England, becomes their learning lab for a 3-credit class called “The Olympic Games Experience,” July 27 through Aug. 6.

“For Lynn students, learning doesn’t end in the classroom – it begins there,” says Lynn sports management professor Ted Curtis, who is joined on the trip by fellow professor Charles Barr.

Students will work with industry professionals, explore numerous Olympic venues and learn about the history and the current issues that surround the Games. They have tickets to track and field, soccer, volleyball, basketball and others.

“We hope the students learn a great deal about the actual work involved in both traditional and new media, the incredible task it takes to put on an event of this magnitude and particularly for those who have never been on their own, a wonderful chance to grow and mature as a young adult,” says Curtis.

Tweet away

The main focus of the course is media relations – traditional and new media  – for the Olympics. Students will be required to create, post, blog, tweet, and report on original stories surrounding the Games.

“New media journalist” assignments include: submitting at least three substantive and relevant tweets relating to the Olympic Games focusing on the crowds, the media, the athletes, the venues or any other aspect of the Olympics experience and posting to their Facebook account (tagging Lynn Sports Management) no fewer than two photos relating to the Olympic Games.

According to the syllabus, “They’ll have to opportunity to do exactly what journalists around the world will be doing.”
A few students have already been “contracted” to blog about their experiences for The Huffington Post before, during and after the trip.

Interview opportunity

Each member of the class will also conduct a videotaped interview selecting a spectator, official or athletes, creating the questions and conducting the interview. After returning from the study tour, students will submit the 2-4 minute video they shot during the Olympic Games. And as they do on every study tour in the Sports Experience Series, the students will keep of journal of their daily activities.

Tour Guide for a Day

Another important aspect of the trip, according, to Curtis, is that the students will learn how to be responsible for one another. Each day a different student will be charged with mapping out the travels including directions, mass transit, dining and more. An assignment will revolve around their ability to lead the group to that day’s Olympic venue. In essence, they will be tour guides for a day.

 “It will be quite an experience for everyone!” says Curtis.

Active learning is a hallmark of the Lynn sports management education, which also offers opportunities working with:
  •  NCAA Men's Final Four®, as part of “The National Championship Experience” 
  • Winter and Summer X Games, as part of “The X Games Experience” courses
  • Daytona International Speedway, in “The Daytona 500 Experience”
  • NFL Super Bowl as part of “The Super Bowl Experience”
  • Orange Bowl, Dolphin Stadium, BankAtlantic Center, Champions Tour’s Allianz Championship, and in dozens of internships in pro and collegiate sports nationwide