From Hawaii to Bali: Students travel the world during Lynn’s 2011 January Term

Students became world travelers and part of an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime
From Hawaii to Bali: Students travel the world during Lynn’s 2011 January Term Ryan Brooks with students in Bali (Photo by Lizz Weber).

Published Apr. 13, 2011

Each January, students at Lynn University have the opportunity to take part in one of more than 60 unique courses offered as part of the two-and-a-half week January Term (Dialogues of Innovation).

This year Lynn offered more than a dozen international and domestic travel courses that gave students the opportunity to follow their dreams and become part of an unforgettable experience.

Lynn students gained valuable firsthand experience through activities like working with elementary school children in Bali, Indonesia, or operating behind the scenes at ESPN’s Winter X-Games in Aspen. Each student’s experience is unique, and they take home a personal learning experience that will last a lifetime.

Ryan Brooks, a Lynn senior, was a member of this year’s Bali Service Project. “Bali was a life-changing experience for me,” Brooks said. “We worked with over 200 students. It was remarkable to see how much they developed in just one week. I would recommend the trip to anyone!”

Other students, like junior Melissa Gerlitz and senior Vanessa Henderson, sailed for the “Developing Leadership Skills Cruise” to the Western Caribbean ports of Costa Maya, Roatan and Cozumel aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

“Being able to interact with and understand different cultures was amazing,” said Gerlitz. “It’s something I couldn’t get from reading a text book.”

It was those kinds of experiences that made Gerlitz and Henderson appreciate the leadership skills learned while abroad and plan to attend a second J-Term offered at Lynn.

During the 1,500-mile “Pacific Rim Business, Culture and Tourism” course, students visited major businesses and hotels in Hawaii.

“Tourism is such an important industry in Hawaii,” said senior Vanessa Orgler. “I got to see firsthand how businesses and hotels operated. It’s an opportunity I would not have otherwise.” Orgler is in the hospitality management program at Lynn.

While on their trip, students learned about the importance of aviation to industries throughout the Hawaiian Islands. As a business and aviation major, Benjamin Peress had such an enjoyable experience during the Hawaii trip in 2010 that he went again in 2011.

“Because Hawaii is made up of a chain of islands, people and goods are often transported by plane,” said Peress. “Aviation is vital to the success of businesses in Hawaii.”

A popular choice among communication students at Lynn was “Travel Channel You.” Many traveled to Barcelona, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Tenerife, Spain; Funchal, Portugal; Malaga, Spain; Rome, Italy; and Genoa, Italy. In addition to experiencing the diverse cultures of four different countries, students got the opportunity to perform on camera, write scripts, shoot and edit video as they worked in teams to conceptualize their own travel videos.

“My most memorable experience was seeing the overall beauty of the various sites such as the view of Tenerife from almost 13,000 feet up and the ocean vista below,” said junior Rickey Freebery.

The one-day excursions gave students the opportunity to create travel videos and daily blogs documenting their experiences abroad and gave them valuable material for their resume reels.

For many students at Lynn, their dreams of traveling the world became a reality with opportunities offered through Lynn’s J-Term courses. Whether it was exploring the coast of Portugal or experiencing the wonders of Bali, students at Lynn become world travelers and part of an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime.

  • Lynn students Mary Stine and Jordan Cruise working at the Winter X-Games
  • Lynn student Rebecca Mangone working with ESPN's environment team setting up recycling bins at the Winter X-Games
  • Brooks with students in Bali (Photo by Morgan Ingegno)
  • Brooks plowing rice fields in Bali (Photo by Sarina Peddy)
  • Lynn students in Bali
  • Casey Van Amerongen and Gerlitz on the Developing Leadership Skills Cruise
  • Lynn students and faculty in Hawaii during the Pacific Rim Business, Culture and Tourism course
  • Freebery reporting from Barcelona as part of Travel Channel You