Fla. House Majority Leader Hasner tries on new hat as Lynn instructor, Sun Sentinel reports

Published Jan. 08, 2010

Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner is trying out a new role this January: college instructor. Hasner, as the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting, has joined Lynn University as a scholar-in-residence for the university’s second annual January Term. Hasner, a Boca Raton Republican,  will teach “Popcorn and Politics,” an on-campus course aimed at explaining the ins and outs of campaigning for public office through some of Hollywood’s best political movies, interactive discussions and a mock campaign.

As Josh Hafenbrack reported, Hasner’s first class featured the movie The Candidate, starring Robert Redford. Also on the docket for his 14-student class are The Distinguished Gentleman and The American President.

Hasner also has a full card of guest lecturers appearing before the class, including an appearance this week by Steve Schale, the former Florida campaign manager for Barack Obama.

“It’s a lot of fun and I think students are looking for the real deal,” Hasner told the Sentinel, explaining how he’s leveraging his political experience, rather than a political science degree, in the classroom.

The course is just one of more than 72 unique, educational and hands-on J-Term courses in 2010 being offered to Lynn students this month. Hasner is one of three scholars-in-residence teaching during the term at Lynn. Two executives-in-residence (Leonard R. Meyers and Mark Michelson) have also been tapped to teach courses during the three-week term.