Colombian pop star – Marala – is a junior studying communication at Lynn University

Maria Agudelo speaks about her experiences as a student and a pop star

Published Apr. 30, 2010

Maria Agudelo, better known as singer/songwriter “Marala” in the music industry, is a 21-year-old Colombia born junior at Lynn University. Majoring in multimedia journalism, Agudelo enrolled in Lynn’s College of International Communication in 2007. While in her first semester, Agudelo’s music career began to take off in Colombia after the release of her first album, Por Aqui, in September 2005.  

“Lynn gave me the opportunity to do the online courses,” said Agudelo. “That helped me a lot.” Now that Agudelo's performance schedule has slowed down, she is taking her classes on campus.

Currently, Agudelo is focused on her studies at Lynn and on the production of her next album, but she is still making appearances at special events. Just last month, Agudelo was invited to perform for more than 500 guests at Miami International Fashion Week, and she received the “Celebrity Style in Music” award.

Agudelo has composed more than 40 songs for her next album, and she plans to graduate from Lynn in May 2011.

Source: Agudelo attended American Heritage School in Florida and has traveled around the world with her family. Agudelo is bilingual and studied French in Quebec City, Canada. Agudelo recorded her first album, and became a professional artist, Marala. Also a songwriter, she was nominated for various awards in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.