Campus nursing staff is on front line, offering professional care to sick students

“We often treat symptoms of the common cold, but we are prepared for more serious illnesses,” said Bach

Published Apr. 29, 2009

Registered staff nurse Barbara Jo Bach has been working in Lynn’s health center for five years. “In general, college-age students are a healthy group of people who occasionally need medical services,” said Bach. “However, in the occasion of a more serious illness, we are prepared.”

“We are closely monitoring the latest developments regarding the swine flu outbreak through channels and resources available to us such as the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and ACHA [American College Health Association],” said Bach. “We have adequate stock of necessary testing supplies and are alert to the symptom criteria that would indicate need for testing and follow-up.”

Lynn’s health center makes educating students about how to take care of themselves, disease prevention and other health issues a top priority. The health center provides students with free assistance via two full-time registered nurses and a part-time nurse practitioner for diagnosis and treatment services. “We don’t charge students with extra health fees,” said Bach, “and we are open 12 hours per day Monday through Thursday and 10 hours on Friday.”

The most frequent symptoms treated in the health center are related to the common cold including upper and lower respiratory congestion, cough, sore throat, headache and fatigue. According to Bach, “these viral infections are spread rapidly through student population because they live and interact in close community settings.”